Accounts Overview

The Bloq Accounts service is central to all Bloq services. The Bloq Accounts service is used to manage access and authenticate users. Through the Bloq Accounts service, users can:

  • Manage their Bloq account and profile

  • Manage their tokens (e.g., access tokens, refresh tokens) and client-keys

  • Manage list of events associated with their Bloq account

  • Manage their PGP public keys

Bloq Accounts service can be accessed through the Command Line Interface, SDKs, Bloq Console website, or REST APIs. The Technical Reference provides information on how to access the Accounts service through the REST API.


Account-related operations interact with the URL endpoint found at

In other words, the above actions (managing your Bloq account, tokens, events, etc.) can only take place once your client hits the Bloq Accounts endpoint URL. The REST API provides a nice insight as to what this activity looks like:

curl -X GET \
  -H 'Authorization: Bearer <AUTH_TOKEN>'

The user can interact with the Bloq Accounts service through the above command by accessing the API URL. More specifically, the above command requests the URL to access the users/me endpoint, which returns account-related information such as the account display name, email and Client ID. If a token is not sent, the request to GET the information will be denied.

For Bloq Accounts API calls, an <AUTH_TOKEN> is required. You can retrieve your <AUTH_TOKEN> via the CLI with the following command:

bcl conf accessToken

When logging in to your Bloq account through the REST API, your <AUTH_TOKEN> will be automatically returned alongside a successful login. The Technical Reference provides a lower level and more thorough walk-through for interacting with the Accounts API URL through the REST API.


The URL is used for back-end communication. If you try to access via web browser, you will reach an unintuitive destination!

The following section includes steps to generate a Client Access Token. The Client Access Token is used to communicate with the BloqNodes service. However, only the <AUTH_TOKEN> is accepted for Accounts service operations.

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