Create Client Keys

Client keys are pairs (Client ID + Client Secret) composed of random hexadecimal numbers which enables your code/program to authenticate with our servers and grant you access to various Bloq services.


  • Client keys are sensitive information. You should avoid sharing or exposing them and always keep them safe.

  • Keep in mind that once you generate a client key, you will not be able to see the Client Secret **** again.

  • Bloq is unable to help recover / retrieve generated client keys.

Using the CLI

The CLI has the 'bcl client-keys' command with a set of arguments that lets you create, list, and revoke client keys.

To create a new pair of client keys, run bcl client-keys create on a terminal. Remember that you first need to be authenticated (with the bcl login command) into Bloq to perform this operation.

bcl client-keys create
ℹ Creating new pair of client keys for user
? Do you want bcl to store your tokens locally for future usage? Yes
✔ Generated new client keys:
   * Client ID:  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
   * Client Secret:  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

ℹ Client secret was copied to clipboard.
WARN  You will be not able to see your client secret again. Remember to copy it and keep it safe.

Copy the Client ID and Client Secret and keep them safe. You now have everything to start using Bloq Services.


  • The CLI will ask you to store those keys locally. We recommend for you to store the keys locally as you will need them in order to use Bloq services through the CLI.

  • You can have multiple pairs of client keys. Use bcl client-keys to list all available keys.

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